The floor. The furniture. Even the air you breathe can be cleaner and healthier.

Rainbow®Cleaning Systems serving the Rochester NY area

The Rainbow® Cleaning System provides certified air cleaning to your home. For a no-obligation in-home preview call 800-330-3909 or text 585-413-6471!

Clean Air USA serves the Rochester NY area. Clean Air USA is a Rexair Authorized Rainbow® Distributorship offering both sales and service. The Rainbow® Cleaning System is the latest evolution in the history of a truly revolutionary home cleaning system.

The Rainbow® uses a unique water-based filtration system to effectively remove dirt and airborne particles from your home.

The Rainbow® Cleaning System has been the exclusive product of Rexair for more than 80 years. Its legendary water-based filtration system has made the Rainbow® known the world over. Today, the Rainbow® is sold and enjoyed in many countries around the world. To see how the Rainbow® can meet your specific cleaning needs, we invite you to see a no-obligation preview in your home.

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Naturally Clean Your Home with The Power of Water®

The Rainbow® uses Mother Nature’s most powerful element, water, to trap dirt and odors, returning only naturally clean, water-washed air to your home environment.

NO Vacuum Bags

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Water-Based Filtration

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Rainbow Cleaning System
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Certified Air Cleaner

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Rainbow Cleaner Benefits

The Original Water-Based Cleaning System

Rainbow® Imitators
Switched-Reluctance Motor Checkmark Not Offered
Stainless Steel Wands Checkmark Not Offered
Industry-Leading Warranty Checkmark Not Offered
Carpet Shampoo Functionality Checkmark Not Offered
Certified Air Cleaner Checkmark Not Offered
Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ Checkmark Not Offered

Weak imitations and copycats are no replacement for the original!

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BUYER BEWARE: Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Rainbow® from an unauthorized retailer. We are an authorized Rainbow® distributor.

Buyer Beware of Unauthorized DealersWhen you purchase a Rainbow®, you are buying many years of product development, continuous improvement and ingenuity. Plus, your Rainbow® is supported by Rexair LLC and by your local Independent Authorized Rainbow® Distributor. Only an Authorized Rainbow® Distributor/Dealer can sell and support an authentic Rainbow®.